Get your hair back and look and feel like you again. Regain your confidence and enjoy your life!

Gone are the days of worrying about someone noticing that thin spot of hair. Let Madeline’s take away your thinning hair worries and recreate your style. We have been working with men’s hair loss systems since 1966. Our team members have been trained with the latest attachment methods and cutting techniques. There are so many options available to help you bring back your hair to the density you once had. We match your hair system not only to your hair in color and texture but also to what works for your life style. Your lifestyle will not need to change in any way. You can live an active lifestyle without any worries about your hair system. You will forget it is on! Our nonsurgical hair systems are extremely lightweight and undetectable to the eye or touch. The style options available are limitless! You are not restricted in any way in styling.

The first step in seeing what Madeline’s can do for you is to setup a free consultation. We have a private consultation room where we go over all options in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We will determine what will work for you and work with you to determine the best attachment method. Once we’ve determined the hair system that best matches the contour of your head and your hair in color, texture, and density the options are limitless. We can bring your hair back to a natural density and then style it to recreate the hair you once had or change your style to a new exciting style. It’s up to you! You have the freedom to do what you want and not be restricted by your thinning hair.

Let us free you from your hair loss worries! The sooner you see us the better! Don’t give anyone the chance to notice your hair is thinning!